curriculum vitae

//   personal information
Arnheiður Ófeigsdóttir (Iceland, 1988)
tlf. (nor) 0047-932-48514
e-mail: post(at)
//   education
2013-2015        NTNU – Norway                                                   Master in Architecture
2009-2012        Iceland Academy of the Arts                              Bachelor in Architecture
Spring 2011      Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien            Exchange / architecture / Studio (Wolf D.) Prix
Fall 2008           University of Iceland                                           Art theory, history of art, cinema studies
2007-2009        Technical College Reykjavík                               Design and technical drawing
2003-2006         Hamrahlíð College                                              College matriculation: science major
//   work
2012-                  Iversen Petch AS                                                 Design, project presentations, client consultations
2009-2011         Stigahlíð  (home for disabled people)               Assistant in daily activities
2006-2009         Hlíðablóm (flower shop)                                     Decorator and salesperson
Summer 2005    Hótel Reykjavík                                                    Maid
//   activities & interests
2010-2012         Part-time volunteer with the Icelandic Red Cross
2006-2008         The Reykjavík Academy of Singing and Vocal Arts/General studies
I have a great interest in cinema and film history. I like examining the technical, spatial, social and philosophical elements of films.
I love travelling and experiencing different cultures. I find the world´s variety of people extremely interesting and seek knowledge from new people I meet. I enjoy learning languages and am always eager to improve myself.
I like going to museums and lectures, reading books and seeking information and inspiration from many different angles.
I experiment with photography and enjoy conveying my understanding and vision. I focus on things that usually go unnoticed, that evoke a feeling. I like to experiment with the assembly of materials and making structures.
I am interested in the city as an organism and instrument of people´s interactions and needs. One of my inspirations and great interests (which I addressed in my B.A. thesis) is different spaces of architecture (both physical and of the mind) and how they affect and choreograph people; How a person´s perception of space stretches from their mind, to their body (personal space), to their immediate environment (social setting) and grows outward to a greater social context and shapes the way they interact with others.
//   language skills
Icelandic – native
English – fluent
Norwegian – good
//   computer skills
Vectorworks – Rhino – Sketchup – V-ray – Photoshop – Illustrator – InDesign – Office package – Autodesk Maya – AutoCAD