// digital work // aquaculture // organic housing

This was a 3 week course studying Autodesk Maya and its potential. In this
 project I began my design process by looking at and experimenting with
 organic forms by Ernst Haeckel and developing them into an architectural
 structure based on a certain system. This system was combined out of the
 basic elements of chosen Haeckel forms:

Light and hard skeleton
An object built outward not upward from a given base
Skin treatment
Opportunity for disfiguration


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When you enter the building you enter a new world. A kind of an organic
creature in which people navigate both above and below sea level. It
contains underwater viewing ports, an area for diving access and a strong
connection to the sea in every aspect.

Aquaculture is the storage, surveillance and feeding of fish and other sea
animals. It also includes research for future resources and technology.
This is a subject close-knit to Icelandic culture.
I decided to position my house on the water so that the sea water could
be accessed and viewed from within the building. I think of this building
as a research and information center as well as an aquarium, providing
entertainment and education for families. Thereby linking the public to
the world of aquaculture – an attraction.